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Ohio Valley Baptist Church is a loving Christian community, with a mission to cultivate a vibrant and welcoming church environment. Our accessible parking and main entrance make it easy for our members, friends, and guests to join us, alongside the availability of both children's church and activities. We have a great focus on growing our faith, and our education building provides Sunday school classes that are perfect for Adults and children of all ages. Our activity building is an excellent resource for organized events and activities.

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Where do I park?

We are committed to making sure our parking is accessible and convenient for everyone who visits.  Our parking is located on both the left and right side of our beautiful church building, with handicap spaces conveniently located in the front and on the right side of the building. 

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Where do I enter the building?

Navigating our church is made easy with two distinct entrances catering to different needs. For educational activities, head to the far left when facing the church to access the educational doors. On Sunday mornings, join us for worship by entering through the front doors of the church, where a warm congregation awaits. After the service, parents can conveniently pick up their kids from the Activity Center located behind the church. 

Ohio Valley Baptist church Ledbetter Kentucky Inside of Church

What can I expect?

Welcome to Ohio Valley Baptist Church, where timeless traditions and a welcoming atmosphere come together. Our services are graced with beautiful traditional music that uplifts the soul. We embrace a casual dress code, allowing you to come as you are and feel at ease as part of our community. Our Kidz church gathers on the front row in the Sunday morning service, joining the congregation for the song service before being dismissed to enjoy their own engaging and age-appropriate learning experience. 

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